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The ability to know where your money is and what it is doing is the only sure cure for fraud. Aggressive investment requires verification, and in days of plague and war, every investment becomes an aggressive one.

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This press release features multimedia. Launching with 3 gold mines, the platform aims to solve the many issues within the commodity trading scene, such as transparency, environmental regulatory challenges, fraud, and more.

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The technology allows all investors to monitor production data, daily profit, GPS Tracking of all trucks and excavators during production. All GPS coordinates are programmed onto the mining vehicles and pensile di exchange crypto, providing the investors with full knowledge of the mining process.

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The system immediately alerts the command center if any truck drivers were to drive out of the designated radius of the mine. All records are then stored within the block chain and further analyzed by their Artificial Intelligence technology.


This AI technique is responsible for monitoring and supervisory control of all processes. Any large difference in weighing numbers are pensile di exchange crypto and investigated by the team.

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Another fun feature provided for their high-level investors is the ability to launch UAV Drones anytime, capable of monitoring the mine in real-time. Unlike bitcoin and other crypto currencies, the BBI token has a real physical value: gold that is produced every month.

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Investors can redeem their BBI Tokens for its gold equivalent at a verified partner bank. The company utilizes block chain technology allowing the investor in on every part of the business.

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The BBI tokens represent a physical investment in the operation of several lucrative gold mines and by purchasing you are positioning yourself to benefit from both the increase in the value of gold and the increase in its production. Those who choose to invest in BigBoys Industry will be able to trade and invest in gold at production price, which is significantly lower than the market price.

All further production of gold bitmex btc futures distributed as dividends to investors.

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Additionally, tokens are only generated as BBI acquires more gold from the gold mine, and those tokens are distributed as dividends in proportion to how many tokens each investor owns.

Investors can choose to exchange the token with real fiat through crypto currencies exchange or exchange to actual real gold. The more you invest, the more your money compounds in gold.

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Traditionally, foreign investment has been a risky and time-consuming effort. View source version on businesswire.