Bitcoin digital ocean

I bitcoin digital ocean to play around with the different buttons like finding my portfolio and after I did this a couple times with all the different features now I I am amazed how great this app is I love dealing on it, sending and receiving coins, easy to deposit from my bank account etc.

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Other apps I have logged out and tried logging back in and says I have the wrong email address. Just issues like that amongst others.

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This voyager was smooth sailing from start to finish I love it and I also bought some voyager coins to go along with that. Voyager failed to credit my account. Voyager is terrible - I transferred thousands of dollars worth of ADA from my wallet - the transaction was confirmed on the blockchain over 40, times - never credited on my Voyager account.

bitcoin digital ocean

I reached out to customer service by phone five times and left voicemails because nobody ever answers the phone and I have never received a call back from support. I have emailed support at least 15 times and still no resolution to this issue.

bitcoin digital ocean

I actually sent tweets to the CEO and he just indicated that the issue was being looked into yet nothing has happened. It has been eight days since the transfer occurred and I have nothing in my Voyager account.

bitcoin digital ocean

They have failed to give me my money and their customer service is absolutely terrible. I went ahead and sold some of my CKB and made a transfer to my bank account for the cash. Within 5 days I received my cash back to my bank account. I believe most of these bad reviews are from people that just started to use the app and are being impatient from the huge increase of new users this month and wanting to trade money in and out of the app extremely quick.

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I started to use the app about 3 months ago after wanting to get into some of the alt coins that coinbase and binance do not offer. It has been great.

bitcoin digital ocean

Love the news articles, the ease of buying and the layout is very user friendly. Read about the company and even buy some stock they are a publicly traded company. I went ahead and bought some stock earlier this week to support Voyager.

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Thanks team and look forward to bitcoin digital ocean to invest with Voyager. Dati collegati a te I seguenti dati possono essere raccolti e collegati alla tua identità: Acquisti.

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