Bitcoin cloud mining contract

By Emanuele Pagliari - 18 Mag Ascolta qui download Quali sono gli svantaggi ed i vantaggi delle varie piattaforme di cloud mining?

Buyers have done their math, test different luck factors on pools and reward schemes, and are buying hashing power as an investment to obtaining Bitcoin at cheaper rates;Buyers can buy massive hash power and get it delivered in a short amount of time;The order that the buyer's place lasts from a maximum of days, which decreases the risk of drastic changes over timeSolo miners buy hash power to increase the luck of their pool or to test the mining performance and compatibility The Contract Agreement You are purchasing a solo-mining service contract for 1 day 24 hours of continuous mining to your pool.

You will rent one 1 dedicated Ebit E9 with a total average hash rate of 6. After you send an order message with your pool request, a miner will be allocated to you within hours.

bitcoin cloud mining contract

You can mine SHA algorithm coin of your choice, and must provide the corresponding mining pool for that coin. You must provide all needed information before the rented miner can begin mining for you.

bitcoin cloud mining contract

We reserve the right to cancel btc qtum tradingvisualizza order and refund payment if we do not receive the required information.

If your rented miners go offline due to our hardware or infrastructure, you will be compensated for the lost mining time. We do NOT compensate for down-time due to the mining pool you are using experiencing issues or being down.

By purchasing this rental, you agree to the terms above. This is a digital service.

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No hardware or any physical "item" will be shipped to you. Note that the actual hash rate and coin mined will depend on bitcoin cloud mining contract pool's performance.

bitcoin cloud mining contract

However, if our data center has down time, you will be compensated to make up for any lost mining time.