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Like when you find out that a startup incorporated in the British Virgin Islands, whose employees live in New Hampshire and whose products are made in Portugal, is selling digital-currency Bitcoin atm australia to Saudi Arabia and Singapore.

These are only two of the countries that have purchased Bitcoin ATMs from manufacturer Lamassu, which announced Monday that it had sold of the machines to customers all over the world.

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A map Lamassu created to mark the occasion, showing the far-flung sales locations of its Bitcoin ATMs, not coincidentally illustrates the global appeal of Bitcoin. Zach Harvey, Lamassu's chief executive, said as much in a press release.

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Lamassu has delivered about a dozen ATMs so far, with plans to ship the others in spring Related: India's No. Lamassu's table-top ATM, which is much more compact than Robocoin's kiosk, cannot provide cash in exchange for bitcoins, only the other way around.

Although Bitcoin ATMs are still in their infancy, they already represent a contentious space, in which each company is jealous of its claim to fame.

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